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With the help of this template, the Product Owner consulted will understand your needs and expectations more quickly and effectively. The Product Owner is essential for effectively aligning business objectives with IT development.


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How to use the "Product Owner IT" specifications template?

This template will guide you in expressing your requirements and in dealing with the suppliers you consult. The role of the Product Owner is to define the customer's needs, prioritize development work and ensure that the product team creates value on an ongoing basis.

Make sure you define the following elements so that the specifications match your needs:


  1. Define your objectives and expectations: Describe the expected role of the product Owner, the profile you're looking for, your working environment.
  2. Evaluate your specific needs: Every product owner project is different, and requires upstream preparation and reflection. Your company and departments need to be informed about the project.
  3. Set a deadline and a budget: Indicate in the specifications the deadline by which you wish to start this project and assignment, and set an approximate budget. This will help suppliers assess their ability to meet your requirements.


  1. Customize the template: The Product Owner IT specifications template is a starting point, but it needs to be adapted to your specific needs. Add or remove sections according to your business requirements and project constraints.
  2. Describe your expectations of the assignment: In the specifications, describe your expectations for each stage of the project, such as the creation of the product backlog or the design sprints.

Selection criteria

  1. Define selection criteria: If you plan to evaluate several Produt Owners, specify the selection criteria in your specifications. This may include factors such as cost, years of experience, references, proximity, availability, etc.

Supplier selection

  1. Review and evaluate proposals: Once you've circulated the specifications, carefully evaluate the proposals received. Compare them in terms of their suitability for your needs, their costs and their experience.
  2. If you want to save time when consulting suppliers, you can always use Poddium, a solution that allows you to import your specifications and then consult the sourced suppliers. Suppliers will respond directly on the platform, and the tool will give you a podium of the best based on your criteria and their response.

By following these steps, you'll be able to use the Product Owner Specification template effectively to find the best partner for your project.