Buy, Sell ready-to-use specification templates

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Time is money, so develop recurring revenue.

  • Verified Models
  • Expert models
  • Model Diversity

Improved privacy

You will rely less on external help which will improve the confidentiality of your projects and internalize the knowledge.

Recurring incomes

You won't be selling your time like before. A recurring income to secure your business.

Time & Cost saving

By saving time in writing the specifications you will save money and can allocate your resources to other tasks.


Two complementary roles

You may be either a seller or a buyer who needed a template to write your specifications faster.

Find the right model


The buyer acquires a model on the platform with the aim of carrying out a call for tenders or even in-house research and development.

Save time and money.
Time & Cost saving
Use of the experience of experts in the field
Adaptation of the model if necessary

Increase income


A seller is a company that offers its specification models for sale. He sets the selling price himself.

Recurring revenue.
Increase your income by selling your knowledge on a recurring basis.
Increase your company's visibility by highlighting your expertise through the sale of specific models recognized for their added value.
Get your expertise recognized and stand out from your competitors faster than on Google.


Sales cycle of a model

A secure and simplified process to bring you the best experience

Our process being in the process of validation and testing, we proceed ourselves online the models that you propose to us.

Here are the prerequisites to meet:

  • Suggest a price
  • Bring real added value
  • Do not plagiarize another document
  • Propose a document in .xlsx or .csv format
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